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match masters

Match Masters is a free PvP game on iOS and Android with free gifts match masters, in which players compete against each other over five rounds to build combinations of gems. In addition to wit and observation, players can use active abilities:

  • Boosters – special spells that are chosen before the fight. To use a booster you need to stack 6 or 7 blue stones for you or prevent your enemy from stacking those stones (red stones only);
  • The hammer is a classic auxiliary tool in games of the 3-in-a-row genre. Once per battle, the player can smash any square on the playing field.
  • Shuffle is another standard element in 3-match games. Shuffle shuffles all the stones on the field at random.

The rules of the game are very simple: there are three rounds, in each of which the player has only two moves. Using boosters does not count as a move. An extra turn can be obtained by making a combination of 4 or 5 stones. When winning battles, the player receives rating points and is placed in the world standings. As you advance in the rankings, the game Match Masters becomes more exciting: there are new game modes, collections and types of boosters. You can download Match Masters from the official links at the end of the article.

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Free legendary booster match masters

The opportunity to get a match masters legendary boosters may appeal to strategy enthusiasts and dedicated players. Match masters free gifts serve as bonuses that help players tackle challenging levels, unlock new characters and greatly increase their chances of winning. As players embark on an exciting journey through the game, the lasting impression left by the match masters free diamond boosters creates a sense of accomplishment and an overwhelming desire to master more challenging challenges.

Match Masters: secrets of the game, how to win battles and tournaments

Now let’s understand how Match Masters differs from other 3-in-a-row counterparts, and how to increase your chances of winning. Before writing this text, I played around 50 battles and participated in 10 tournaments to give adequate advice.

Do not go into battle with bad boosters

For regular battles up to 1500 rating any of the boosters will do. The weakest in my subjective opinion is Dynamite, which blows up a random small area on the map. The second place anti-rating booster is “Duck”, which eats up the bottom line of rocks. It’s only better in that it gives predictable results.

As far as good boosters go, there are a few things to highlight here:

  • Slug is the best and most affordable booster in the game. The slug captures some of the stones on the field and eats them, with the point where the slug appears being the player’s choice. Because of this, there is room for tactical applications of this booster.
  • The owl is one of the best boosters in the game. The owl makes up all the combinations that can be put together on the map at the moment. Firstly, it greatly increases your score without wasting a turn. Secondly, you can get extra turns if the field has options of combining 4 and 5 stones in one row.
  • Balls – in my ranking this booster would rank third. The balls are launched from the bottom up and explode three vertical lines on the field at once. This gives the player a minimum of 18 points, as well as opportunities to play out new combinations.
  • Actually, the key to choosing a match masters legendary boosters is controllability and predictability. If you can accurately or at least roughly predict the outcome of a booster on the field, you can think several steps ahead with winning combinations. Conversely, if a booster is unpredictable, it can only do harm by giving your opponent more opportunities to score points.

Plan ahead

Now for some more practical advice. The most important thing in PvP 3-in-a-row games is to think and plan better than your opponent does. And the easiest way to plan is to visualise what will happen after your move. Suppose we move stones in the centre of the playing field. What to look at before making your move:

  • What positions the stones that were above will take – whether there will be 4 or 5 combinations there;
  • Whether the stones can be stacked so that combinations are stacked somewhere else in addition to the main move;
  • Whether you allow your opponent to gather red stones to use the booster.

These are the three points you need to keep in mind, especially when you make the final move and the turn goes to your opponent. The more careful and attentive you are in the battle, the better your chance of winning.

Hit the bottom sector of the playing field

There are situations where there are simply no combinations on the field. A maximum of 3-6 points per turn is not what you need to win. A very simple and effective trick is to pick 3-in-a-row at the bottom of the board. The more new stones fall from the top, the more likely new winning combos will appear. The logic is very simple: playing along the bottom sector shifts the whole playing field. If you collect combos at the top of the field, the overall playing situation is unlikely to change.

Use the Hammer and Shuffle

You don’t need to save Hammer and Stir until the last round. It is quite possible that you will no longer need these tools in the final round of the game. Many 2000+ ranked players shuffle the field in the first round, confusing their opponent and opening up new strategic options.

Same with the hammer – in Match Masters there is always the option to knock out a single stone to put together a successful combination or to finish off stones that aren’t enough to use the booster. And by no means keep the hammer in case your opponent leaves you with a bomb or line blast. This works for the first thousand rating, beyond that the game (and your opponents) get a lot smarter.

Robbie williams match masters

Match Masters: Game mode guide

Normal Mode Play / Normal mode is the traditional way to play Match Masters. At the beginning of your journey, Play / Normal mode will help you get to know the game and all the rules of three-in-a-row a little better. It will also help you advance in unlocking studios. Advancing through the studios unlocks new and exciting ways to play Match Masters, such as Dustville Duel, Sugar Rush and many more!
Daily mode The “Daily” mode is a little different from the traditional mode. Every day a new combination of rules and modifiers will be added to the game – you can still win trophies and event points playing “Daily” mode, but with a little more excitement in match masters game.
Game modifiers There are many different game modifiers that can be found in tournaments, events and “Daily” modes. Each modifier adds fun to the game! They carry their own set of rules and can be combined with two additional modifiers at the same time. The specifics of each modifier can be found by clicking the “i” button next to the modifier or mode logo.
Adventure Mode Adventure Modes take you on a journey like no other! Follow the path to the grand prize, defeating your opponents, winning many challenging games and collecting treasure along the way in match masters. Each adventure offers a path with multiple levels to complete. Each level consists of a specific game mode that must be won in order to continue on your way and win the grand prize at the end.
Star Race In Star Race, the number of stars you earn after each game is displayed in the leaderboard as your score in Star Race. The objective is to accumulate the most stars among all the participants in the leaderboard.
Score Smash Score Smash has a special game mode that can be played throughout the event in match masters game. The score in each match is accumulated after the game and then displayed in the leaderboard as your Score Smash score. The goal is to get the highest total score: the more you play and the higher your score, the more points you score. Your score counts, whether you win or lose the match.
Fire Starter In a Fire Starter event, the objective is to beat your opponents by winning as many games in a row as possible and get match masters free daily match masters gift. This will count as your winning streak. The higher your win streak, the better your chances of winning the race! You will be able to see where you stand on the Fire Starter leaderboard. Whether you play in tournaments, play in adventure modes or in normal modes, if you win a match, it will count towards your win streak. Does not include games against friends.

Match Masters: Getting match masters legendary booster free and boxes

Want to know how to get match masters free daily gifts hack? There are options for gaining match masters bonus through hacking, but we advise you on other options.

Match Masters is loyal to players in terms of monetisation and gives boosters for entering the game every day. The other option to get a booster is to buy one in the shop.
The third way to get a booster is to win a daily tournament. At the end, the winner gets a box of boosters and components for collecting trophies. The cups are special achievements, which are reflected in the player’s personal account.

These boosters cannot be purchased with match masters free coins directly from the boosters selection page. Given the power of these boosters, in order to maintain a balanced game, their purchase is limited and their use in friendly matches is ruled out. Keep an eye out for special offers for your chance to get these rare boosters at a bargain price!

match masters daily giftsTeam Box. The Team Box is a team achievement that has to meet the minimum requirements. Please check first with your teammates if they have received their Team Boxes. If they did and you did not, check the following conditions to see if any of them apply to you:

  1. Your team has not earned enough stars to get match masters daily gifts a Team Box. It is possible that next week your team will be more active and you will earn enough stars to win a Team Box.
  2. Once the new week starts and with it the new Team Box challenge, any new players joining during this time will not get a weekly Box. Therefore, if you have joined your team for the first time this week – you cannot win a Team Box.

If none of these conditions apply to you – contact our support team. Please note: Team Boxes are issued once per week after the challenge is over.
There is no way to replace the Booster Boxadn get match masters free gifts today. When you receive a Booster Box you can replace the boosters inside it up to three times by pressing the “Replace” button and watching the video. Sometimes the video inventory is empty and there are no more videos available, so you will not be able to replace your boosters. The developers are constantly working on adding videos to the video inventory and you will be able to watch more videos as soon as they become available.

✅ Incorrect result in Booster Box
If you have match masters free boosters link purchased/received Booster Box and you have received boosters that do not correspond to the level of this box – contact the support team for help. If you are not satisfied with the boosters you have received, you can watch the promotional video to replace the contents up to three times until you receive a result you like better.
Boosters are lost/missing. Match masters legendary booster free are never deleted from your account, unless they have been lost in a match. If you have lost boosters due to a technical problem, support will be happy to help you with your request. If you notice that a booster is missing from your account, you may have used one and therefore it may appear that there are fewer than you originally thought. If this is not the case, and you are sure you had more boosters than are shown on the booster selection page, try restarting the app and see if any of your boosters have returned.
✅ Opponent with a higher level booster Where possible, the opponent selection system will pit you against players of roughly the same trophy level as you. This is to ensure that you are playing against a player of similar experience, making the game fair for all players. That said, boosters and perks can be selected before you even meet your opponent. Both players are match masters free gifts 2024 to choose any boosters and perks they would like to use in this match, from bronze boosters to legendary boosters.
✅ I have a lower level booster Is it possible to win? If you choose to play with a less powerful booster than your opponent, this does not automatically guarantee you will lose. While playing with a higher tier booster can give you an advantage, there are many examples of players beating opponents with legendary boosters while using lower tier boosters. Match Masters is a three-in-a-row puzzle game that, like all puzzle games, requires skill but also luck, so while it may be more challenging, it’s definitely not impossible to beat the highest level boosters!

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author photo
Professional online casino reviewer
I can safely say that Match masters is a very decent modern game. The game has, good design, no bugs, one of the best strategies. I would like to say a big thank you to the developers for their hard work! Don't throw the game away, update, and keep up the good work! The game is great for thinking, which makes it easy to get trophies. And to make it more fun to play, invite friends and build your own collection of fancy stickers.
What is match masters?
-Match masters is a popular online game where you can enter tournaments and events, develop your match strategy and win match masters gifts.
How to play match masters?
-The rules are simple: there are three rounds with only two moves for each round. When a player wins a match, they get rating points and are added to the world standings.
How to get free boosters on match masters?
-Match Masters is loyal to its players in terms of monetisation and gives boosters for entering the game every day. Another way to get boosters is to buy them in the shop.
What are the best boosters in Match Masters?
-Boosters whose actions are not random, but chosen by the player. These are Slug, Balls, and Owl. Thanks to the targeting of these skills, you can remove unnecessary stones from the field, ruin your opponent's life, or put together a big combination and win in just two moves.
How to add friends on match masters?
-You find people who also want to play and add them to the game, for which you get stickers.
How do I win at Match Masters?
-To win in Match Masters, use boosters with a predictable result. That way you have more influence on the playing field and can win strategically. Don't let your opponent collect red stones to use the booster and always think about the consequences of every move you make. Think ahead!
Where can I get stickers for my collection in Match Masters?
-In Match Masters, you cannot win stickers in normal combat. The only other option is to purchase them with in-game gold in a shop. There is no need to donate, you only need 500 gold to purchase the stickers, which you can earn in a few battles. If you get a re-sticker when you buy one, you will get your gold back.