Coin Master Review

free spins for coin masterCoin Master is a casual game from the Moon Active studio. Your task is to power up and defend your own Viking village. Want to get lots of gold for development and coin master free daily spins? Spin the coin-op wheel and raid other players’ villages. Are you under attack? Take revenge on your attacker and claim his riches. Collect all the maps in the area to occupy new villages and prove you’re the most powerful Viking ever! You can even invite your friends to play this game, making it even more fun.

How do I earn extra spins?

There are times when you’ve run out of spins, even though you just wanted to play! Below is a list of all the different ways you can quickly earn spins. Whether you buy them, win them or get them from your great friends, here are the top 10 ways you can keep spinning and winning.

  1. Buy Spins. Free spins for coin master are always available to buy in-store, various promotions and sets. You can access them by clicking on any of the icons in the top left-hand corner of the main screen and the village screen. Then select the items you want and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.
  2. Inviting friends. Yes, you can earn coin master free spins if you invite friends who have never downloaded the game before. Just remember that spins can only be earned by inviting 250 friends who join the game via your link and complete all these steps.
  3. Receive from friends. Each friend can send you one spin per day, allowing you to receive up to 100 free spins coin master in total from all your friends per day. To collect spins from your friends, please press the main menu on the screen – select ‘Gifts’ – and press ‘Collect All’.
  4. Request spins from your team. In your team, you can make one request every 8 hours (10 spins from teammates). Just click on the button with the spin icon and your teammates can start sending you spins.
  5. Events and Tournaments. Events and tournaments often include spins as a reward. The more you play, the more you win.
  6. Balloons. When balloons are active, some may have spins included. Crowd them quickly to get free coin master spins before they fly away.
  7. Spinner. Land three Spin symbols and get your winnings! The higher you bet, the more spins you can get.
  8. Completing a Village. When you complete a village, a box full of rewards will parachute down and deliver special prizes to you. Often these rewards include spins. When the Village Obsession event is active, you receive more rewards for completing a village.
  9. Complete a collection of cards. Coin master free spins 2024 the cards for you. Each time you complete a set of cards, you receive rewards. Each set of cards has its own rewards, and often these are spins.

coin master free spins

How to play the game Coin master

Coin Master: Receiving prizes

  • Coin Master: Prize-giving. The rewards calendar is one of the cool daily rewards that can be obtained by logging into the game after reaching village level 11. The rewards calendar is divided into two parts, with a 30 day progress bar at the top with different rewards and a main rewards bar on day 30. Seven prizes are shown below, one of which can be won every 24 hours by adding points to the progress bar above. If you miss a day, you’ll go back to the first day’s daily rewards, but rest assured that the 30-day progress bar won’t change.
  • Accelerator. The Accelerator is a prize that, unlike collecting coins and spins, gives events such as village master, kill rate, kill set and more! The accelerator can be obtained during an event mission or by purchasing a kit. Keep in mind that these events will only be active for a limited time. Each accelerator will have its own timer, and as soon as you get one, the timer will start automatically
  • Mysterious Chest. The Mystery Chest provides a wonderful opportunity to win wonderful prizes, including spins, pet treats, pet experience and cards. In addition to other great prizes, every tenth chest will contain a Joker card!
    Completing card collections. Each completed collection rewards players with spins and other cool gifts, including pets! The more unique the card collection, the bigger the prize. As for finding new cards, the village you are in determines which cards and what rarity you get from the chests.
  • Loot Master. Each offer is considered completed once the prizes have been collected, according to the amount available. Offer 1 must be collected multiple times to unlock offer 2, and offer 2 must be collected multiple times to unlock offer 3.
  • Spin prizes. You can give each of your friends one spin every 48 hours and they can do the same for you. When your spin strip is empty, you can collect up to 100 spins given to you by your friends each day. The great thing is that sending coin master free spins to your friends won’t reduce your inventory.

Coin Master: A Beginners Guide

  • What are stars? Stars, collected throughout the game, are used to maintain your ranks and place players in the leaderboards. Stars can be earned by building items in your village and collecting new cards. Village items give one star for each improvement, and cards give the number of stars indicated at the top of each item. When a player attacks a village and directly strikes one of the items, this removes one star from the item as well as from all accumulated stars. Note, duplicate cards do not earn stars.
  • How do bets work? Bets multiply the prizes gained for actions, but do not apply to prizes for special events. Attacks and raids are multiplied after the action has been completed, but as for slots, the amounts shown at the top are already multiplied. The ‘Bet’ button allows you to switch between all available bets from the lowest to the highest.
  • Daily Bonus Wheel. Spin the daily bonus wheel once every 24 hours to win coin master spins. Once the coins are collected, the player will be shown a countdown timer until the next coin master daily free spins. In addition to this, there is always the option to buy a spin on the daily bonus wheel, which will be presented in gold and give the player the opportunity to earn cool prizes.
  • Super Bet is a feature in Coin Master that enhances the gameplay, by increasing the prizes. The more spins a player has in their inventory, the higher bets they can make!
  • What are Leaderboards? Leaderboards are lists of the highest ranked players in your circle of friends, in your country and in the global Coin Master community!
  • How do I earn more coins in raids? Using the ‘Bet’ feature of the slot machine allows you to double or triple (and sometimes even more!) the amount of coins won in raids. When using bets, the number of coins won will be shown at the end of the raid, and after a few seconds it will be multiplied, showing the actual amount obtained.
  • How do action items work when using bets? As far as action items on the slot machine are concerned, the betting feature works a little differently than with coins or free spins coin master unlimited. Regarding attacks and raids, bets multiply the amount of coins received for each action.

free spins coin master

Coin Master: Guide to Cards

  • What are cards? Cards are collectibles that can be found throughout the game. Each themed collection consists of nine unique cards. Each completed collection awards players with spins and other cool gifts, including pets. The more unique the card collection, the greater the prize. When searching for new cards, the village level determines which cards can be found in the chests, as well as their rarity.
  • What are seasonal card sets? Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn Seasonal Card Sets excite one and all! They are similar to the standard sets you are used to, but they are still a little different. All activities associated with Seasonal Card Sets (searching, completing collections, exchanging, etc.) can only be carried out during the scheduled season. The only exception is the exchange of Season Cards for chests, which can be done during and after any season.
  • What are chests? Chests are objects in the game which contain cards. They come in three different levels – wooden, gold and magic chests. A wooden chest holds 2 cards, a gold chest holds 4 and a magical chest holds 8. Chests can be obtained in different ways. During the game you have the chance to dig them up during raids, passing villages may also reward you with chests. Alternatively, chests can always be bought with coins from the in-game shop.
  • Joker Card. The Joker card is a phenomenal prize that can be earned during events or found in mysterious chests. It can turn into any card you want, including gold cards. Be sure to use the Joker card before it expires to get the card you want!
  • How do I get cards? Most often, cards can be found in chests, won in events, during raids, or bought with coins. When searching for new cards, the village level determines which cards and what rarity can be found in the chests. Another great way to collect cards is by trading with friends. Ordinary cards can be exchanged at any time, according to the daily limit, while gold cards can be exchanged during special events. Lastly, cards can also be collected during special events and in chests!
  • How do I exchange cards? Cards are exchanged by players on different platforms, such as Facebook Messenger. To send a card, open your card collection by clicking the card icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Then, tap on the set with the map you want to send. Tap on the card you want to send, then tap on the “Send” button, which will open your friends list.
  • Chest cards. Exchange duplicate cards for new chests. You can now exchange duplicate cards for 3 new types of chests, each representing a different combination of prizes with different number of haktuts free coin master, pet food, pet experience and cards. Each card shows a number of stars at the top to indicate its value, and these numbers add up when you select cards to exchange for a new chest.

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Coin Master: Your pets

  • What are pets? Pets in the game are your companions in the quest to win and become a Coin Master. Pets help players in various aspects of the game, whether it be to increase the rewards for an attack or raid, or to help defend your village against attacks and make your village more profitable. Once you’ve reached your Inca village, unlock your vixen and travel with her, collecting cards to amass collections and unlocking new pets.
  • Pets are available from village 4, and can be found to the left of the Spin button. Simply touch one of the pets to move to an area where you can feed your pet to wake it up, and give it experience potions to boost its level.
  • Hatching Eggs. To hatch an egg, go to the pet menu and find the one you want, using the arrows on the sides of the screen, then click on it. Now your pet is ready to help you.
  • Foxy. The Foxy is the first pet you can unlock in the game, and his skills are incredibly useful. On raids, Foxy will excavate the ground at level 4 to earn extra coins. Once you reach village level 4, the vixen, your first pet, will be unlocked, and the game will show you various pet-related activities, such as feeding and leveling up.
  • Tiger. The Tiger’s job is to increase the amount of coins you win when attacking other players’ villages. The Tiger will help each time you attack other players, as long as he is awake. To unlock the Tiger, you must first collect a collection of animal cards.
  • Rhinoceros. The purpose of Rhinoceros in the game is to help protect your village. If your village is attacked by another player, your Rhinoceros has a chance to block the Attack, even if you have shields in your inventory. Note that when first hatched, the Rhino has a 10% chance to block attacks. Using experience potion to increase its level will increase this chance. To unlock a rhinoceros, you must first collect a collection of creature cards.
  • How do I level up a pet? Pets perform different tasks within a certain limit, which can be increased by raising their level. To level up a pet, you need to collect experience potions. The experience collected can be seen in the lower right corner of the pet’s menu. When you’re looking at a pet, tapping the experience button will give it a certain percentage of your total experience – this can be seen at the top of the screen.
  • Buying treats and experience for your pet. Pet treats and experience potions can be purchased from the in-game shop. This can be accessed by going to the arcade screen and clicking on the coin bank at the top left hand corner. In the shop, scroll down to find great deals on pet items. These items can also be obtained periodically during the game.
  • How do I earn treats and experience for my pets? On occasion, you’ll receive experience potions or treats during a spin, as additional rewards that are given on top of the coins or actions you’ve already earned. Experience Potions can also be obtained as a reward for building or repairing items in your village, after they have been damaged by an attack from another player.
  • How do I keep my pet awake? (How do I feed my pets?) Just like in real life, in-game pets need to be fed to keep them awake, happy and active! Without snacks, pets will fall asleep and won’t perform their tasks. To feed your pet, click on the pet sitting to the left of the spin button to load the pet menu. Once there, select the pet you want to feed and click on the snack button at the bottom right of the screen. You can use more than one pet snack at a time to activate the pet for longer periods of time.

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Professional online casino reviewer
The game is good, very involved in the process. With each level it gets harder and harder to build and invest, which includes the excitement of reaching the end! The game is very interesting. And even without money, bonuses come pouring in from time to time like from the horn of plenty.
What is a Coin Master?
-It's a fun game, one of those games where, despite having time for mobile phones, thousands of players want to have a good time playing
What bonuses can I get in the game?
-In the game you can get coins and coin master daily free spins.
How many coin master spins can I earn playing Coin master?
-You can get up to 30 free coin master spins in the game
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