Asian Handicap 2023

Almost all new players underestimate the benefits of betting sites with asian handicap and opt for the classic winner-take-all betting option. This leads to a big risk and almost guaranteed loss of deposit.

This article will discuss the best asian handicap bookmakers as one of the most underrated betting types. Read on to the end of the article to find out the distinct advantages of the Asian handicap over other types of sports event prediction on casino not blocked by gamstop.

Best asian handicap betting sites

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What is asian handicap in betting?

Handicap betting is a form of sports betting where one team or player is given a specific target, a handicap, to overcome during a match. Today, asian handicap meanings are used by bookmakers to effectively equalise the strength of opponents in a match when it is impossible or difficult to determine a clear favourite.

The asian bookies handicap odds were first made available to Asian players, so the name of the bet type is accordingly. First of all, to understand what does asian handicap mean you have to understand that you should not bet on the winner, but on the favourite to score the minimum or maximum number of goals.

The handicap calculator is most effective in team sports. Lately almost all British bookmakers accept handicap bets on football, basketball and hockey.

How does asian handicap work?

In a classic handicap scenario you might lose your bet on a tie. With asian handicap soccer you do not lose if the game ends in a draw, which is a distinct advantage.

The difference with football asian handicap is that the format gives you more alternatives, for example you can get back half of your original bet or even the whole amount of your original bet depending on how the match ends.

Before betting on asian handicap in play you need to know its varieties. This is what we will cover in one of the next sections of this article.

Where to Find Asian Handicaps

Asian handicap betting is becoming more and more common in the betting industry today; not only are more and more players learning how to bet with the Asian handicap, but more and more betting sites are offering this type of odds in their standard betting offerings.

We recommend to pay attention first of all to asian handicaps, because that is where this type of betting has got the biggest resonance. For bets on other sports, you have to be more careful in your search.

Different Asian Handicap Betting Values

Before you make a real money deposit at a bookmaker’s office, let’s get to know the peculiarities of the asian handicap chart. The basic betting values are as follows:

  1. 5 asian handicap bets
  2. Zero asian handicap 0.0
  3. Half and half asian handicap 0.5

Betting odds can be either positive or negative. If you are betting on a positive handicap in a match, it means the teams will score up to a certain number of goals (1, 2 or 3 goals). In case of negative odds you make a prediction about the match result being below a certain value (-1 being less than one goal, -2 being less than two goals, etc.).

Bets with zero goals – asian handicap 0.0

The most simple and straightforward of all handicap bets is the asian handicap 0, which is a great bet for beginners. The idea is to wager on the opponents’ equal strengths in a match.

At 0 asian handicap, the odds are not the highest, but the risk of losing the bet is also close to zero. It is recommended to start with a zero handicap to understand the mechanics of handicaps in sports betting.

Asian Handicap Handicap 0.25

Betting with 0.25, 0.50 or 1.50 handicaps is quite common in football betting. With a 0.25 handicap a player makes a prediction that in case the selected team wins, you automatically lose your bet. In case of a draw the bet also goes to the bookmaker, while at 0.25 the bet would return partially to the player’s account.

Once you understand what a 0.25 asian handicap betting means, like betting more than 0.5 goals, and what a 0.0 0.5 asian handicap means, and how a 0.25 asian handicap works, you can use it to make a good profit. Compared to Asian Handicap +0.5 / Asian Handicap -0.5 and Asian Handicap -1 / Asian Handicap 1, which are the most popular types of Asian Handicap, this line is an alternative.

The pros of betting with a -0.25 handicap:

  • An Asian handicap of -0.25 gives you the chance to bet on more possible outcomes.
  • Reduce the risks by winning a small amount if the match ends up undecided
  • Popular in most bookmakers.
  • Can be used not only in football, but also in other sports

Asian handicap 0.5

With Asian handicap betting odds of -0.5, you are betting on a half-point lead. In the case of a 0.5 handicap game, the betting amount will be refunded to your account, without any multiplier.

In football handicap actually means betting on team A or team B to win. This is the main reason why most bookmakers refuse to offer a bet on 0.5 handicap. The most common values you will come across are 0, 1, -1 or 1.5, -1.5.

In other sports, such as volleyball or tennis, half handicaps are applied to the result of the game on points. A player can bet with a handicap on a given game or half.

Asian handicap – 1 handicap

Most British bookmakers offer 1 asian handicap bets on football or hockey sporting events. It is a case of predicting Team B to win by 2 or more goals. If the encounter ends in a 2-1 draw, the asian handicap 1 bet counts in favour of the bookmaker. In case of a draw, the bet is refunded to the player without any multiplication by the declared odds.

Be careful, as the B team mostly plays away. And the bookmaker almost always gives preference to the home team, with the exception of a clear advantage of one of the sides in the confrontation. Therefore, handicap bets – 1 should only be placed if you are confident in your selection.

Asian Handicap -1.5

The -1.5 asian handicap has the highest odds in the bookies. The reason is the wide score difference between the teams.

The idea behind asian handicap football is that the player bets on Team B to win, which will gain the advantage over Team A by more than 2 goals. This means that the minimum score needed to win the bet would be 3-1.

Statistically, the most popular result in football is 2-1. Before you place a bet with handicaps at -1.5, do not get into high odds and calculate all the risks of losing your bet on a different outcome.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t know what handicap betting is yet. It is for this type of player that we have created asian handicap tips to help you maximize your deposit:

  1. Find a bookmaker that offers a wide range of Asian handicap betting. Markets with a simple full Asian handicap are the most common on betting sites. Other betting options such as corner Asian Handicap, more/lower handicap, set tennis handicap, etc. are not available at every betting site.
  2. Examine the odds at asian handicap bookies. In sports betting, each bookmaker struggles to attract new players. Some sports betting sites offer better odds than others, so try to compare each option you like.
  3. Take a look at our table. You may have already seen the list of sportsbook betting odds sites for UK punters earlier in this article. It was created by our experts who made a thorough analysis and collected the most profitable options.
  4. Don’t play with a big deposit. In sports betting everyone is present and the Asian Handicap is no exception here. Start with small bets and increase them as you gain experience.

Advantages of Betting on Asian Handicap

Summarizing all the above information about asian handicap betting we can highlight the following advantages:

  • High odds. Asian handicaps always have higher odds than other betting options. The higher the risk, the higher the odds, remember this simple rule.
  • Ample opportunities. You can play with asian handicap bets with more options than other betting variants. Even in case of a draw, you can get your bet back.
  • The best option for betting on football. The most common use of alternative asian handicap is in football. If you are a fan of the sport we highly recommend handicap betting plus the best withdrawal casino.
  • Minimum risks. This is the safest option for betting on sports, especially 0.0 or 0.25 handicaps.
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UK players choose asian handicap explained for its wide range of winning opportunities. You can bet with the lowest peaks or try your hand at high odds. To find out if this betting option suits you, we recommend selecting one of the bookmaker options in our list, register and make a deposit!




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