How to get around GamStop?

Gamstop is a great self-exclusion scheme that helps limit gambling online, but it has many limitations. If you’ve already signed up for the scheme, but feel you’re not susceptible to addiction, there are ways to get around gamstop. The bad news is that you won’t be able to play at non gamstop casino uk again, at least not using your ID. Of course, players have the option to how to bypass gamstop by using third-party details to create a new account. However, this is a risky decision. The good news is that there are some ways around gamstop. In the following article, we’ll help you find all the ways you can avoid Gamstop.

How to get around GamStop

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Popular ways around GamStop for UK players

The Gamstop self-exclusion scheme does not allow players to opt out or cancel it, forcing them to wait until the end of the period. The good news is that you can outsmart this scheme in a number of ways. In other words, players can avoid UK online casino srestrictions without having to wait months or years to complete the self-ban. So, how to get around gamstop uk?

You’ll be pleased to know how to get around self exclusion. Today, there are several offshore or international gambling sites without a UKGC license that allow can you get around gamstop, WUP and other methods are also available.Additionally, it’s worth noting that all UKGC sites cooperate with the self-exclusion scheme – meaning that you won’t be able to access any UK-licensed gambling sites after registering with the scheme.
In addition to how to get past gamstop, you can find out how to stop gamstop.
Here are some safe and easy ways to bypass the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme:

Bypassing self-exclusion with sites that are not in Gamstop

An easy way to get round gamstop is to look for gambling sites that do not cooperate with the scheme. Luckily for you, there are several online casinos to choose from where self-exclusion doesn’t work, as well as several platforms that aren’t registered with Gamstop. Once you find them, you’ll be able to choose your preferred gambling site, considering factors such as:

  • licensing;
  • payment methods;
  • reputation;
  • reliability;
  • customer support.

Once you register with these sites, you will have unlimited access to your best online slots. This is a good way of how to bypass gamstop. Bypassing is quick and does not always require identity verification.

Join an online no-checkout casino

Another ways to get around gamstop is to sign up for an online casino site without verification. Such sites can also be called unverified casino sites. These gambling platforms allow you to make deposits and cash out your winnings in bitcoins. It is worth noting that these non-British casino operators provide the same casino games. The only difference is the payment method, which does not require a lengthy KYC verification process. So, you can bypass the self-exclusion programme by registering on a platform that supports the use of cryptocurrency. This is a good option to get around gamstop.

Bypassing self-exclusion with a VPN

how to get around self exclusionThe next way to get around gamstop, is to use a VPN. VPNs allow users to change their geographical location on the Internet, giving them access to online casinos that block users in their original location. With a VPN, you can get gamstop reversal. With it, players are able to avoid self-exclusion by continuing to play on platforms in their jurisdiction. It’s worth noting that some gambling sites may penalise players who use a VPN, especially UKGC-registered casinos. Penalties include account suspension. So always study the fine print and have all the information you need before using a VPN to bypass a gamstop. It is worth noting that registration is not required to use a VPN.

Wait until the self-exclusion period has passed

The most obvious option if you get around gamstop is to wait until the self-exclusion period has passed. Gamstop is a free and voluntary scheme that allows players to choose the duration of the self-exclusion. Self-ban periods include:

  • six months;
  • one year;
  • five years.

Once you subscribe, you cannot cancel your subscription. Many players are therefore looking for ways to avoid gamstop. Once the self-exclusion period has expired, a formal request to cancel the self-subscription must be submitted. Players struggling with gambling addiction are advised to complete the self-limit for full recovery. All online casinos in the UK work with Gamstop, so waiting out the self-exclusion period can be a good enough option.

Register in the name of a friend or family member

When you’re looking to get around gamstop, you can sign up with the details of someone close to you. It could be your significant other, a close friend, your brother or anyone else. The gambling will become available and the platform will not block you, because the new account is not directly related to you. If you want to take advantage of a ways around gamstop, be aware that you are probably breaking the terms and conditions of the site and could be subject to punishment. Also, you need to keep your identity secret on the platform; so you should choose cryptocurrencies, Paysafecard or any other banking option that supports anonymity. Many players who have resisted are given access to UK-registered sites before the end of the self-banning period.

Register with a bitcoin or crypto casino

ways to get around gamstopThe next option to get around gamstop is to use online casinos where cryptocurrency is available. Crypto-casinos are gambling sites that accept digital coins, including Tether, Bitcoin casinos, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. Be aware that the Gamstop scheme uses your address, name and other personal details to restrict access. Be sure to read the terms and conditions to make sure the platform also supports anonymous withdrawals. There is no way to block anonymous accounts common on crypto gambling sites. For this reason, using a crypto casino is a very good way to beat gamstop.

Visit a physical casino

A lot of players prefer to play at an online casino because of the convenience. Players can enjoy their favourite slots anywhere in the world. Land-based casinos don’t have these advantages, but if other ways of getting around self-exclusion don’t suit you, then you can go play at a land-based casino. Land-based casinos do not subscribe to the gambling scheme, but have their own self-exclusion programme.

Pros and cons

plus_reviews Advantages
plus_item_reviews Getting around gamstop options allow you to bypass self-exclusion and avoid various restrictions.
plus_item_reviews Registration is not always required.
plus_item_reviews Verified sites have a licence and the law is always respected.
plus_item_reviews Ways around gamstop provide the opportunity to continue to enjoy the game.
plus_item_reviews A chance to try new games, bonuses and generally different gambling establishments.
minus_reviews Flaws
minus_item_reviews Problems may arise with gambling.
author photo
Professional online casino reviewer
With the above methods of how to gamble with gamstop, it becomes easier to continue playing at an online casino. You can take advantage of how around gamblestop: try safe and reliable games from a variety of establishments, and appreciate the chic bonuses and high level of service. To use this get around gamstop method, registration is not always required. Reliable non-GamStop sites will bring you plenty of benefits, but they must be licensed and uphold the law. However, if you lack self-control or are struggling to overcome the excitement, it would be wise not to complete the self-restriction period. This way, you will have enough time to recover and fully control your gambling behaviour.
How to avoid gamstop?
-The easiest way to get around gamstop, is to find an online casino that is not part of GamStop.
Is it safe to bypass the GamStop scheme?
-When looking for a way to get around gamstop uk, it is important to understand that it is completely safe to do so, but it is important to adhere to certain rules, such as playing on a site that has a license.
I am registered with Gamstop - can I play?
-If you are registered with Gamstop, you can continue to gamble until you fall under the self-exclusion programme.
Can I cancel my Gamstop registration?
-Players have no option to cancel their Gamstop registration, but by using how to get around self-exclusion, you can continue to gamble.
How long is the self-exclusion period?
-The periods of self-exclusion include six months, one year and five years
What if none of these methods work for me?
-We suggest several ways of how to bypass gamstop. If one doesn't work for you, you can always use another. We're sure one of these methods will work for you.
Do these methods work 100%?
-Yes, our ways of how to get round gamstop work 100% and have been tested by thousands of players.
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