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At online live casinos uk you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of real gambling halls from the comfort of your own home. This entertainment is a hybrid of an online machine and a television broadcast. Players simultaneously see a familiar interface with a balance and virtual chips with which to make bets, and leading – a croupier who controls the game. The operators or croupiers of live online casinos uk may be physically located on the other side of the planet. UK users are in a better position, with a room with live streaming in English available from almost all the world’s producers.

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What is live casino gaming?

Two basic principles are practiced at live casinos. The first is the formal presence of a dealer. Essentially, it’s just an announcer who greets users entering the room, announces the start and end of the round, and congratulates those who have taken the big money. The dealer himself does not see the players and may not even touch the cards or roulette – the cards are dealt by a random number generator.

The best live casinos online are set up following real casino principles – roulette wheels and card dealing machines are installed. In addition to cameras, which record the process from 3 to 5 angles, the tables are fitted with sensors for reading the denominations. When the croupier moves pocket cards to a particular player, the opponents cannot see them.

Live casino games

best live online casinosNot all gambling entertainment can be transferred to an online streaming platform. Even the best live casinos uk can’t run a room for 2-5 customers, these have to be games that involve a fairly large number of participants. Also difficult to implement are games that require players to interact with each other, in order to prevent collusion such features are not practiced in online rooms. Additional restrictions can be imposed by local regulators, prohibiting certain types of games. In this case, live casinos not on gamstop are in a privileged position – their policy is more lenient, and Monopoly or Mafia is already running.

In the rest of Europe’s halls, the live dealer room format works:

  • card tables (poker, baccarat, blackjack);
  • roulette (any variants and format of bets);
  • board games (bingo, bingo, scratch cards);
  • quests and economic strategies.

Often rooms have a limit not only on the number of participants, but also on the number of bets.


Card games are the most common pastime at casinos with live dealers. Cards may appear on the virtual table as denominations only or in real form. The latter is practiced for VIP rooms with a limited number of users. In live blackjack casinos with more affordable conditions the same broadcast can be duplicated to several rooms.

The principle of the game does not differ from the real one. Dealer (or machine) deals 2 cards, of which with or without the prize the players have to make a combination close to 21, but without overshooting. The dealer himself in a multiplayer room is not a participant – someone at the table will get the pot.

Online Roulette

live roulette casinosThe roulette wheel at online casinos with live dealers is mostly real. The dealer does throw the ball in, but the roll is recorded by an impartial camera. Automatics records statistics and calculates bets – the field with chips in these machines is virtual.

Players in live roulette casinos have a significant advantage. You can be in the room and not make bets for a while. So you can wait until the machine will give a clear clue to the combination – will show obvious hot or cold numbers. You can play on numbers, pairs, corners or large groups – only the betting limits are limited.


A card game in which the opposing players compete against each other to make the winning hand. In best live casinos sites dealer is not a participant of the process – his role is limited to announcing the rounds and starting a new round. To play video baccarat, the providers try to hire employees with good looks. More than 90% of the dealers in live baccarat casinos are girls.

In card games, it is practiced to constantly change croupiers. This way, players don’t get tired of the static picture, and the dealer doesn’t get tired of reading the player’s names in the chat room.


A game which is officially allowed in all casinos across Europe, so it’s popular. In uk online live casino format, users do not have the opportunity to chat with each other at the same table, so part of the appeal of the strategy is lost. The behaviour of opponents can only be traced by pauses in the game, time waiting for a move, and actions during bidding.

The principle of playing poker at a live online casino uk does not differ from playing at a real table or against an automated machine. The only thing that adds intrigue is the fact that human opponents will not act according to an algorithm, but also based on intuition and bluffing.

Live dealers at an online casino

casinos with live dealersLicensing uk online live casino is virtually the same as the procedure for a real gambling hall. The establishment must provide:

  • quality employee training and compliance with all sight and conduct requirements;
  • certificates for equipment, which is supplied for the studios by the same manufacturers as for real casinos;
  • cameras that film the process from all angles, thus preventing any manipulation;
  • independence of the code and no possibility to tamper with the dispensing process.

In some cases new live casinos buy a shared subscription, so even the best live online casinos can have players from different virtual institutions at the same table. The croupier does not even see which gambling hall presents live casinos at the moment.

In the best live casinos online in addition to professional requirements for croupiers there are additional. This is proficiency in 2-3 languages and physical appearance. Microgaming was the first company not ashamed to invite to work ex-models for men’s magazines. Later, the practice became popular.

Live casino bonuses for UK players

Live online casino uk rooms can only be played with real funds. Bonus points do not work, and even top live casinos will not give the right to play in free mode. Such measures are the only way to limit the flow of customers – uk online live casino cannot physically seat an unlimited number of users at one virtual table, and studio shoots require an investment.

The best bonus of online live casinos uk is the principle of the game itself. Since there are real players at the same table, who can then go on the forum and compare the combinations, it is impossible to tamper with and show different ones. The very existence of broadcasts is considered a good indicator – studio footage is considerably more expensive than buying single-player machines, so only the best casinos can afford it.

Once a player has received a starting deposit or freespin, they can first meet the volume requirements in the regular slots rooms, and then move on to the live casino. Bonuses with no workout and no wager (tournament winnings, cashback without a wager) in these sections apply.

Deposits and withdrawals in live casino

online casinos with live dealersThe live casino casino online uk is part of the overall project. All the requirements and rules of the hall apply to this hall. Money that the player receives in live casino uk, immediately go to the balance of the personal account. You can withdraw them just like any other balance:

  • go to the Cashout section;
  • to specify the sum for a conclusion not less than the minimum;
  • write the address to send the check (if required);
  • wait for order processing.

The amount will go to your wallet or bank card account in accordance with the rules of the gambling hall as a whole. There are no special requirements – in live casino best it may even be instant withdrawals.

The security of a live casino in the UK

The same rules apply to online casinos with live dealers as apply to the entire casino. Administration of the best live casinos sites guarantees the safety of personal data and its non-proliferation to third parties. An additional guarantee is working with users only by username or screen names. The croupier best live casinos uk will not call the client by name or email address, even if this information is broadcast on his screen.

If you want to terminate cooperation with the gambling hall, it is enough to contact technical support and ask for removal of the record It is also possible to order a temporary ban.

plus_reviews Advantages
plus_item_reviews a visually appealing picture;
plus_item_reviews a guarantee of the integrity of the deal;
plus_item_reviews an indication of the credibility and wealth of the casino;
plus_item_reviews the opportunity to play with like-minded people;
plus_item_reviews the practice of playing with real competitors.
minus_reviews Flaws
minus_item_reviews the game is slower, as the turn cannot be accelerated after your bet;
minus_item_reviews bonus points do not apply and you cannot play for free.
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Professional online casino reviewer
Aside from the atmosphere, there are real advantages to live dealer casinos. At top live casinos you can not only play with real opponents, but also stay in the room for a while. It helps to learn how to play - copy the strategies of experienced users or just wait for the combination that gives the highest probability. So in live casino uk with roulette you can play even-odd or red-black, or even try to catch the exact number, if according to statistics it has not fallen out for a long time. With all the advantages of a real room no tables or third-party programs accounting statistics can track and prohibit the administration.
What are live casino games?
-When playing online live casinos uk the process is controlled by a real dealer, and the same users gather at the gaming table. Players can see the broadcast and the interface of the machine.
Why should I try live casino games?
-Live online casinos uk retain the atmosphere of a real gambling hall.
How do I win at a live casino?
-The principle of playing live casinos is not different from a regular casino.
Are live casinos available for mobile devices?
-All the best live casinos online are well adapted for devices. The casinos offer a downloadable app or a web version of the site for phones.
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